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Jo Schwab’s Portraits December 31, 2010

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Jo Schwab celebrates the differences in his sitters. They’re wonderful and disturbing photographs. Definitely worth a few moments thought.



Makes Odd Hours September 10, 2010

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Pierre Dal Corso photographs the strangest angles. The models are puppets in his lens. It’s remarkable.

Link to his portfolio

The Natural Girl January 24, 2010

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Chris Craymer does a lovely job of capturing the softness in his models. No schmaltz, just a wonderful optimism (which is a lot tougher than it sounds). I’m not sure who does his styling, or if it’s all his own, but it’s inventive and matches the photos brilliantly.

Enjoy. Click here.

3 Fashion Shooters to View December 1, 2008

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Here are 3 interesting photographers I’ve had the pleasure of talking to in the last few days. They are some of Toronto’s finest fashion image makers. Hopefully you’ll like them too.

Chris Wadsworth

Chris Wadsworth

Josh Cornell

Josh Cornell

Chris Nicholls

Chris Nicholls


Cinematic Orchestra – To Build A Home Cinematically September 4, 2008

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Creative Review Blog are hosting the initial screening of The Cinematic Orchestra’sTo Build a Home” music video. It consists of 2 thematically linked tracks and is more of a short film than promo. It’s done by Up The Resolution and it is a wonderful, sad film. There’s also an interview with the creators.

CR: Two tracks could work as the soundtrack to a short film?
UTR: We believed so, yes. Beyond the obvious allusion to soundtracks in the band name, and in the music itself, there was a narrative theme (of love and loss) that ran through both songs lending them to being linked as a single story. The band had themselves commissioned an unmade film treatment for which these tracks were intended as a ‘score’, and whilst we didn’t read that script we were very sensitive to writing something sympathetic to the music and lyrics, and that was suitably moving, but (hopefully) not too mawkish or melodramatic.

Watch To Build A Home

ps. you may cry

Bearing Witness: Reuters Cover 5 Years of the Iraq War June 4, 2008

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Reuters in Baghdad

This is an amazing site by Reuters. It’s heartbreaking. The videos they have assembled, including interviews with journalists and photographers who have captured the in/humanity of the Iraq war, are astounding. It’s a remarkable document of the war told by the people who cover the stories. The design of the site is excellent, communicating quality and sensitivity to it’s subject. Make sure you look through the Profiles and the Timeline for a reminder of how the US and Britain ended up on the other side of the world fighting a cynical war.

“I’ve covered wars before, I’ve never seen what I saw there”
– Samia Nakhoul, Gulf Bureau Chief Reuters.


Bearing Witness

IdeaFixa #9 Is Food for Thought December 9, 2007

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 IdeaFixa 1

IdeaFixa 2

IdeaFixa, the South American webazine famous for awesome Spanglish and excellent illustration, photography and art, has released Issue 9 ~ Food.

IdeaFixa 3

Credits for featured artists:
1. Cristina Negrau
2. Madame Peripatie
3. Pablo Lacruz

They are now accepting entries for Issue 10 ~ Fear & Loathing.