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Makes Odd Hours September 10, 2010

Posted by Ivan Pols in art, models, photography.
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Pierre Dal Corso photographs the strangest angles. The models are puppets in his lens. It’s remarkable.

Link to his portfolio


New Drawings on Boundless May 8, 2010

Posted by Ivan Pols in art, drawing.
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There are a few new drawings at Boundless Optimism, my drawing portfolio. They’re not completely safe for work, but they’re drawings… so it’s art. Hope you like them.

Some Drawings of the Inky Variety March 9, 2010

Posted by Ivan Pols in art.
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I’ve managed to do some scans of some old-ish and some recent drawings for my drawing portfolio. There’s something for everyone.

Drawings of dogs & drawings of nudes.

Your choice. Nobody is watching. Or simply see everything at Boundless Optimism.

Boundless Optimism March 30, 2009

Posted by Ivan Pols in art, drawing.
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I have updated my drawing gallery site, Boundless Optimism. It is now expanded to include the 1Thousand Drawing project, (all 1000 drawings are available to view and download, including all the videos that go with it) and several other projects that have been hidden away for the last few years and months.


There are desktop wallpapers available as well in the downloads section. I’ll be starting a “members only” section in the next few weeks so if you want access, let me know. I’ve switched to the a service called SquareSpace. It’s a widget based CSS system that helped me get the first iteration of the site up in 3 hours. It’s fast, simple and seem to be fairly powerful. I will admit to one or two irritating glitches but I suspect that may be my fault. The site is hosting over 1300 images in 25 galleries without a stutter.


Please have a visit: www.boundlessoptimism.org