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Lagoi & Lace October 27, 2010

Posted by Ivan Pols in art, photography.
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I think this is an interesting portfolio piece. It’s by two Cologne photographers and it’s based on themed love hotels found in Japan. It’s an odd, provocative and quite large project. Pretty cool to see.



Laura Laine And The Wandering Line November 27, 2009

Posted by Ivan Pols in art, figurative art, illustration.
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Laura Laine has a remarkable rhythm to her drawings. They seem to meander into elegant shapes. I find them highly entertaining and quite lovely. I’m quite jealous really.

Click here to see Laura’s portfolio.

Emmanuelle Walker Makes Splashes November 2, 2009

Posted by Ivan Pols in animation, art, character design, illustration.
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I’m a big fan of French (via Montreal) illustrators and Emmanuelle is no exception to that rule. Her work at Gobelins and character designs are full of charm and wit. The wallpaper on her homepage is worth the visit: EmmanuelleWalker.com. (Emmanuelle draws a cute girl.)

Her Vimeo page has the “making of” of the animation above if you’re interested. And Blog.

via Drawn!

IdeaFixa #9 Is Food for Thought December 9, 2007

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 IdeaFixa 1

IdeaFixa 2

IdeaFixa, the South American webazine famous for awesome Spanglish and excellent illustration, photography and art, has released Issue 9 ~ Food.

IdeaFixa 3

Credits for featured artists:
1. Cristina Negrau
2. Madame Peripatie
3. Pablo Lacruz

They are now accepting entries for Issue 10 ~ Fear & Loathing.