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Michael Dudok De Wit Makes Drawing Live July 13, 2009

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I’m in awe of this film. It has a big heart.


LED Sheep Art – Shear Genius March 18, 2009

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Unadulterated joy of life. And sheep.

Hyper Island Interactive Art Directors February 20, 2008

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Hyper Island is a digital media school in Sweden that has a remarkable amount of cool. You’d almost be willing to trust them with your career’s future. They have a video on the Hyper Island page that has London agencies like Digit singing their praises. The concept and execution on their Interactive Art Director site is damn impressive. I like their student focus, their sense of humour and their diagrams of humans becoming digital. I also like their holistic viewpoint in the training of new communication pros. An ability to manage complex multimedia campaigns and explain them, let alone create them, is the new standard for creatives in all industries.  I may have to take one of their night classes.


Chuck Jones. ’nuff Said. January 23, 2008

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Chuck Jones

Chuck Jones is one of the animation directors who gave us the golden age of Warner Bros. animated short films. His textural line has inspired me ever since I watched Road Runner cartoons before reluctantly wandering off to school in the mornings. If you’re not sure who I’m talking about, Mr Jones was the guy who invented Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd and on and on. To see what the man thought about drama and the art of animation watch this clip from the Charlie Rose TV show. He’s 82 in this interview and gives a demonstration of cartooning that is humbling to watch. He makes a comment that you cannot name yourself an Animator, your peers gift you with that title. For me he speaks of a history of craft and effort that we are all a part of. We should perhaps not be too quick to title ourselves with anything but the most humble of monikers. In my case, my dad is “Mister Retry”, I’m just Retry.

Watch the Interview (I’ve had some problems with the link, Jones starts halfway through. )

(via Drawn!)

Macabre Musicotherapie! December 18, 2007

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