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Large Provocation September 16, 2007

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Maggie AP

I’m on the e-mail blast list of Agent Provocateur, not only because I like women in lingerie but because their web experiences are typically awesome. They partner with some great talent to bring a sense of humour and sophistication to frilly bits covering pink bits. Their latest endeavour, Lessons in Lingerie starring Maggie Gyllenhaal, Mindy and Tullulah is no exception. It’s just fun.

Mindy AP

And while Maggie and the girls look amazing trussed up in their silks, it’s the illustration that links all the photos together that makes it great. I’m having trouble finding someone to take credit for the work though (so if someone knows please tell me and I can update this blog and heap praise where it should be heaped). The illustration was done by Tim Major, an drawer of the erotic. I haven’t found an online portfolio (something about the unwanted attention perhaps?) but if you plug his name into Google Images you’ll find some fun stuff.

I can direct some kudos at the branding company behind the AP campaigns, Large. Based in London and Copenhagen they add quite of lot to fill out their clients curves (sales and sexiness). Their rhetoric is not especially ground breaking but the work is beautiful and effective. Which is usually more than enough.

Anyway, back to the AP site. They’ve tried to expand the experience by putting Mindy on Myspace and Facebook (we’re BFBFF) and do-it-yourself book covers that you can share on Flickr. All of which seem to have had an unfortunately luke warm start (I’m not sure about Myspace because I can’t find Mindy by searching. Myspace has the worst search on earth!) They also use the drip feed method of quality content fed to you over time. There will be more adventures released over time. If any brand should understand teasing it’s this one. In the name of fun and commerce, go visit.

Agent Provocateur


ps. The full credits are in the Comments. Thanks to Large for supplying the names I was missing.


Julia Fullerton-Batten: Deep Quiet August 11, 2007

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 Julia Fullerton-Batten

Julia Fullerton-Batten is a photographer who creates compelling images from the seemingly mundane. The old woman in the washroom. The school girls in a playground. The house of cards on a table. They all take on an unreal quality that just sucked me in. They’re sophisticated paintings of light and quite beautiful to sit and look at.  The visual depth she puts into her images make them seem like stolen moments. Julia has shown her work in The National Portrait Gallery in London and the work must be quite something to see in person.

Link  (via)

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Matthew Woodson – Ghostco Illustrator July 27, 2007

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Ghostco 01

Matthew Woodson was born and raised in rural southern Indiana. At a young age he developed a fascination for natural history and the elegant simplicity of silent moments and small deaths. He then moved to Chicago to attend The School of The Art Institute of Chicago, where natural history was non-existent and silent moments / small deaths were few and far between. After graduating in early 2006 Matthew still lives in Chicago, in an apartment full of original hardwood floors, taxidermy, and a cat.

Ghostco 02

I like Ghostco. His illustration is obviously awesome but he also has something interesting to say.  He’s an interesting guy who draws. So make sure you read his blog and look at his portfolio.

Rasmus Mogensen – Photographer July 20, 2007

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Rasmus Mogensen is a fashion and beauty photographer. Or I could say, Rasmus Mogensen is a fantastic image creator. Or I could just sit here speechless. His fashion sets have some beautiful textural and conceptual elements and he has an amazing finish on his work that makes you want to look closer and closer. It was nearly impossible to choose an image for this post. Awesome work and well worth bookmarking.

Rasmus 2


Phamous Update July 7, 2007

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 Phamous Picture

It seemed to take Phorever! I’ve finally spotted some new content on Phamous 69, everyone’s favourite diamante encrusted glam ero-disco magazine. If you haven’t seen it yet, picture high-end photography, film and writing applied to slick surfaces (including models) with a whiff of decadence. City kids swear by it.

Phamous 69 

The Concert-ed Orgy July 7, 2007

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 Thomas Brodahl

Thomas Brodahl says, “While waiting for Red Hot Chili Peppers to come on stage. I was standing in the photo pit shooting the crowd. Everyone was so sweaty and naked. Looked like a big orgy. Albeit not a very pleasurable one :)”.

Careful cropping, a few naked torsos and a little push from the crowd makes for some fun photographs.


Maarten June 27, 2007

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In my experience this style of illustration can turn out really badly. Except if Maarten is the executor. Beautiful pieces with a lot of fun and sexiness thrown in. Well worth a meander.
This is his official site and this is his  agent’s page for him. And here is his blog, Champagne Cat Fight. Chicks dig it.

ps. His agent is is a Netherlands company called Comic House. Have a peruse through their portfolios. Very cool collection of European talent.

Cali Rezo – A Mannered Digital Painter June 14, 2007

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 Cali Rezo

Cali Rezo makes painting look really easy. Not because of the fancy software she uses, the over large Wacom or clever cheats. It’s because she’s a damned talented Graphist. And she sings.
I especially like her distorted portraits but there is a huge portfolio on her site to choose from. She plays around quite a bit with subject but always with a technical prowess that makes me want to try harder. Cali’s images turn out so remarkably tight that she’s put together a “How Do I Work” video that shows that while she uses photographs as part of her process she does not work over them. The video is humbling to watch. In order for her to keep her art her own she has a day job, so all this work is after hours. I suspect she paints very fast. Her work is available to buy and she does commissions. I reckon she’d make a really good character designer for film and games.

Cali’s Home (includes all her portfolios and stuff).
Cali on Virb (you can hear her sing here as well).

John Copeland – Drawings and Paintings May 1, 2007

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John Copeland

John Copeland is the kind of painter I wish I could be. Aware, talented and prolific. I was blown away by his figure work and the painting above betrays his sense of humour. There’s a great interview with him at Fecal Face which reveals of few of his opinions and he talks about his Journals (which are art pieces unto themselves).
When I started this blog it was to share my enthusiasm about brilliant people and cool stuff. John Copeland is why I keep looking for inspiration, because sometimes you find it.

John Copeland’s website
Fecal Face interview with Copeland

John Copeland Journal Sample

Excerpt from Fecal Face about his Journals:
Barron Storey got me started on those in 96, and I’ve been keeping them ever since. Small scale intensive sketchbooks where each page is made into a finished statement. Best part of that practice is the discipline and learning to follow through with each page till it works, experimentation and play. Anything goes in those, so you learn to play with images while working hard.

Michael David Andre – Blurry Artist April 28, 2007

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Michael David Andre is a guy who loves pornographic images and photoshop (for colour correction). His site is fairly safe for work considering what he builds his art out of: apparently mostly found porn images. The feel of his work is worth a look even if, like me, you’re not entirely convinced that this work has any resonance.


ADD:I got a mail from Michael explaining his work and technique, which I think is damn nice of him. The visual effect is interesting because it’s not a Photoshop creation. He says: “The distortion in my work is made using optical lenses in front of the Polaroid camera that I use to reshoot pictures.  Call it adaptive recycling if you really need a conceptual explanation.”