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Janelle Monae Imaged by Wendy Morgan April 13, 2010

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Janelle Monae is an energetic and exciting singer. This song, Tightrope, makes you wanna jump up and move your feet. However, I doubt you’ll move your feet as well as the troupe in this video. The pictures are by Wendy Morgan, ass kicking director of the dance. They’re an equal and a tribute to the song.


Unkle & Spike Jonze Level Up March 23, 2009

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This is the Skate video gone to the next level. It takes a minute or two to make sense, however, the extreme visual poetry is worth the wait.

Roel Wouters – Running with the Beast December 4, 2008

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This music video by the graphic designer Roel Wouters is stirring up some controversy. Despite all protestations that No Animal Was Hurt in the making of this video for zZz, bleeding hearts are crying fowl. No animal was hurt. It is the nature of these animals to have at each other. You could argue that these poor, dumb animals had no choice in the matter, unlike like us humans who only have complete control over our fates. Is watching this for our entertainment morally questionable? Like watching Ultimate Fighting, girls beating each other up and glorified gambling. Where is your moral centre? This video makes people pick fights. Which is exactly what I find myself doing in this post. Genius. At least the birds had referees to stop any pecking below the belt.

It’s a polarising, graphic and artful video. And unafraid.

Here’s the Making Of.

The Density of DJ Technology September 19, 2008

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DJ, Richie Hawton, has offered up a video tutorial on his technique involving a piece of software named Traktor. He runs 4 decks simultaneously with multiple loop and sampling potential on top of that. He explains how the computer takes care of all the timing so he can experiment, and collaborate with at least 4 other DJs. It’s dense layering, but I think it’s interesting how technology has helped him explore his art more thoroughly. On the other hand, the tools can have the habit of playing the operator, which can kill the joy of the mistake and create the cult of same. That’s just something I’ve noticed with design and the proliferation of Adobe CS. Same tools, similar outcomes, unless you fight with everything you have. The best DJs will avoid that bullet is my guess.

Viva Originals. Watch the video here (Vimeo is still not supported by WordPress. Tut tut.)

via PSFK

Justice Video Is Pure Stress May 5, 2008

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Justice - Stress

The official video for Justice’s “Stress” directed by Romain-Gavras is The Most Provocative Music Video You Will See This Year. It’s disturbing and incredibly well executed

Prepare to be shocked. SpecialTen are not exaggerating. This music video is heart stopping. I could talk about it all day but it’s enough that you watch it.


The “Union of User Generated Content” Go On Strike December 18, 2007

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In a statement released to blogs and YouTube today, the Chairuser of the Union of User Generated Content (UUGC) MastaMovie, said that Users were laying down their handicams and suspending their YouTube accounts until their demands for a share of Google AdSense was met. “There will be no more anime mashups with pop songs, no more cute puppy videos and definitely no more LolCats,” said the leader of the UUGC during a marathon 2 minute speech accompanied by video of his latest GTA exploits. “We’re the ones entertaining the masses and we demand our 5% share of the revenue stream.” Reports of severe content withdrawal are being reported from around the world.

MastaMovie slaughters bystanders while standing up for the rights of his Union.

SuperVirals.com – Viral Spam-sploitation August 13, 2007

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How can you exploit the Viral culture to get your brand message out into the world? How do you do that without paying any real money for the videos themselves? I’ll tell you how. Because the latest venture to try and cash in on viral advertising arrived as an e-mail from BestAdsOnTV.com this morning:

SuperVirals now live!

Get rewarded for your ideas at http://www.supervirals.com

SuperVirals is a new website where top brands throw down the gauntlet for you to create cut-through content.

It’s where great ideas see the light of day. No approval committees. No research groups. No crazy deadlines. Just simple one-sentence briefs…

Upload your video, image or audio ideas and, as they get shared across the web, the SuperVirals scoring system decides the winner.

Currently up for grabs is AUD $3,000 in cash and over AUD $6,000 of cool mambo gear, shipped to wherever you are in the world. An aerobatics flight and a skydiving trip are also yours to be won.

Check out http://www.supervirals.com now.



So I had a look. The venture is called SuperVirals.com and works like this: A brave brand gives them a one line brief (eg. “Show how Krazy you are for Krispy Kremes!”) and then unpaid people (insert suckers here) go forth and make viral video that is then sent out into the world in a competitive burst for attention (they encourage the creators to “share yours like crazy”). The winner is determined by who gets the most hits and will be rewarded with the grand prize of AUD $3000 and some gear from Mambo.


It almost sounds like a recipe for success. Encourage people who like to make free content to make it for your client and then hand over a measly couple of bucks if they turn out to be the next Dove Evolution. Low overheads, easy access to talent and except for a few naive geeks losing some time, everybody wins. The perfect business model.

Except for a few details.

I’m not usually this cynical. Really. I love creative people making cool stuff. But SuperVirals.com is an exploitative business model and if they were making sneakers they’d be harassed by Oxfam. This is from their User Agreement:

By submitting a Content Idea to SuperVirals, you will automatically assign all rights (including intellectual property rights), title and interest in that Content Idea to SuperVirals forever without any payment by us to you or any third party.

You get no compensation at all, ever, they own your materials forever. Your song, your face, your ideas. They could probably sue you if you used your own song. In a worst case scenario, they take your idea, put some budget behind it and turn it into an international TV campaign and you get “zilch”. I realise that most of this is legal stuff is to protect themselves but it hurts content generators. They steal your intellectual property without giving you the most basic of creative rights.

If that weren’t bad enough, by making these Virals officially sanctioned they effectively handcuff creators and turn them into free hit-and-(mostly)miss idea generators who don’t have the resources of even the most basic ad agency. Let me show you what I mean:

A: To help your idea make it through to the live phase of a SuperVirals competition, and to give it the best chance of winning it’s worth sticking to a few simple common sense rules:

  • Don’t diss the brand…
  • Don’t show or encourage anything illegal…
  • Don’t include ANY copyright protected material such as any pre-recorded music and clips from TV or DVDs etc…
  • Do keep your private parts covered up!
  • Don’t be boring!
  • Click here for the SuperVirals Acceptable Content Guidelines.

It’s like you’re WORKING for these guys. I’m a creative in the ad industry and these are the rules I live with! At least I get paid to do this and I get a budget so I can afford to get something like original music (or some semblance of it). They don’t even give you a library to play with.

Here’s my favourite piece of optimism from the FAQ:

Q: Does it cost anything to enter a SuperVirals competition?

A: Nope. Zilch. The brands on the site have paid to tap into your creative talents.

They think someone would be foolish enough to PAY to make an advert? (Not even clients do that 😉 )

Another bothersome aspect of this venture from a consumer position is that they hold all the Virals and then release them in one burst. As if the net were not full of enough crap already, an unlucky few will be inundated with amateur brand work informed by simplistic strategies and with little to no production values all for the same brand! I say unlucky few because the only people who’ll see these ads are friends of the makers and I doubt I know anyone who has that great a need for a free Mambo T-shirt.

I suppose the brands who are using this service have very little to lose. The terms and conditions ensure they decide what they officially associate their brand with and for a few bucks they can side step their usual suppliers and potentially have a big hit. And Bush may apologise for Iraq.

If you have any ideas don’t give them to these guys. For once the traditional advertising industry doesn’t seem all that bad.

Glen E. Friedman – Sweet Talk Interview July 17, 2007

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When the Dogtown guys were inventing skateboarding, when punk splashed onto the streets and hip hop dug itself out of the dark, Glen E. Friedman was there. Really. He took the photos that documented these worlds and brought them to the rest of us. This is an interview that was done at SweetTalk ,an informal presentation series. They’re releasing these interviews slowly at Veer at this one is definitely worth the watch. The guy is really interesting and speaks from his gut. Very inspiring for any creator.



ps. I’ve just finished a book called The Tipping Point where they talk about Mavens. People who get information before anyone else and then can’t help but spread the word. This guy is a Maven. An insider.

pps. He also has a great diatribe about the faux Terry Richardson crap photography movement. Knowing a few horrified photographers, I say amen.

Diesel’s Liquid Space June 28, 2007

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Diesel have done something beautiful. This image creation is absolutely startling and I can only imagine what a treat it would have been to see this live.

“Diesel’s Creative Team (under the direction of Wilbert Das) based the show on an aquatic theme entitled “Liquid Space” and brought together Barcelona animation studio Dvein – who worked on the CGI visual effects and 3D animations – and Danish multi-media production agency, Vizoo, who provided the innovative technology for the show, which they had created themselves. Neither studio, say Diesel, had previously worked on anything like this before.”

Creative Review have a great article.

Cali Rezo – A Mannered Digital Painter June 14, 2007

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 Cali Rezo

Cali Rezo makes painting look really easy. Not because of the fancy software she uses, the over large Wacom or clever cheats. It’s because she’s a damned talented Graphist. And she sings.
I especially like her distorted portraits but there is a huge portfolio on her site to choose from. She plays around quite a bit with subject but always with a technical prowess that makes me want to try harder. Cali’s images turn out so remarkably tight that she’s put together a “How Do I Work” video that shows that while she uses photographs as part of her process she does not work over them. The video is humbling to watch. In order for her to keep her art her own she has a day job, so all this work is after hours. I suspect she paints very fast. Her work is available to buy and she does commissions. I reckon she’d make a really good character designer for film and games.

Cali’s Home (includes all her portfolios and stuff).
Cali on Virb (you can hear her sing here as well).