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Jonathan Weiner (Viner) – Tension September 27, 2007

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Jonathan Weiner (Viner) has a strange style of painting. He dips into beautiful technique while pulling subjects and themes from a more counter mainstream art geography. If that made no sense, check out Juxtapoz and then look at John Copeland and see where Mr Weiner (Viner) lands for you. It seems that there is tension in his work from multiple sources (his style, his references, his name etc) and I find that intriguing.  If only for the cool titles on his paintings, check out his site. Perhaps expand your art collection.

Viner Studio

ps. The featured work is “Fight or Flight“, 24″x36”, oil on canvas.


The Retry “Art” Sampler September 16, 2007

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A friend asked to see some art that I reckon is fairly decent at the moment. Instead of hiding it in an e-mail, let me share with everyone. I’ve blogged about most of these people or sites before but there’s no substitute for an easy to click blog post to get motivated to look again. So, in no particular order, here’s some food for thought:

Serious Painting

John Copeland

John Copeland – Probably my favourite painter at the moment.

Slightly Different Painters


Jim Woodring – A great contemporary Surrealist

Jeff Soto

Jeff Soto – Giant robots and rainbows never looked this good. Jeff’s work has been translated into a short film by 3 Legged Legs. It’s amazing to see this fine-art-street-type style in motion.

Ashley Wood

Ashley Wood – Famous for concept art, comic books and being a “little” brash at times. He paints on real boards and sells the original pieces to collectors. He qualifies as a real artist.

Interactive Media

Hoogerbrugge – A Netherlands artist who uses drawings of himself to lay waste to the repititions of modern culture. Or something like that. This music video is the quick sampler of his work but check out the website for classic focussed Hoogerbrugge.


Frenzied Giraffe

Michel Gagne – This is his 6th book, Frenzied Fauna: From A to Z.

ICanHasCheezBurger -There’s a meme called Lolcats that many would not consider to be art, but it has been appropriated accepted adopted by the masses and shares some of the traits of art: visual aesthetic, an underlying theory, self-imposed executional rules, a sense of history. Is it -ism or is it -crapism? Will people in 100 years time have retrospectives of Lolcats? And in case you think I’m writing total rubbish look up the definition of Art.

Where to find more

Artshole – A UK listing for art
Art Krush – The e-mail publication and this list will see you right.
Drawn! – All about Drawers!

BioShock – Better Than The Movies? August 29, 2007

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I don’t have an Xbox, but if I did, I’d probably risk divorce and buy BioShock by 2K Games. The previews of the world they have created are awesome and well worth a visit even if you don’t like to play games. The art direction is tremendous. I was chatting with a guy I know who worked on the concept boards for 300 and does a lot of artwork for gaming companies and he raved about the level of detail 2K have gone to on this property. He reckoned that it’s changed the way the industry thinks about their production values. Every nook and cranny is beautifully designed. In fact, the production values easily rival most blockbuster films released today. If you have never heard of this game before this post you definitely have to check out the site. This is not Wolfenstein.


Julia Fullerton-Batten: Deep Quiet August 11, 2007

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 Julia Fullerton-Batten

Julia Fullerton-Batten is a photographer who creates compelling images from the seemingly mundane. The old woman in the washroom. The school girls in a playground. The house of cards on a table. They all take on an unreal quality that just sucked me in. They’re sophisticated paintings of light and quite beautiful to sit and look at.  The visual depth she puts into her images make them seem like stolen moments. Julia has shown her work in The National Portrait Gallery in London and the work must be quite something to see in person.

Link  (via)

I originally published this post at 1% 

Matthew Woodson – Ghostco Illustrator July 27, 2007

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Ghostco 01

Matthew Woodson was born and raised in rural southern Indiana. At a young age he developed a fascination for natural history and the elegant simplicity of silent moments and small deaths. He then moved to Chicago to attend The School of The Art Institute of Chicago, where natural history was non-existent and silent moments / small deaths were few and far between. After graduating in early 2006 Matthew still lives in Chicago, in an apartment full of original hardwood floors, taxidermy, and a cat.

Ghostco 02

I like Ghostco. His illustration is obviously awesome but he also has something interesting to say.  He’s an interesting guy who draws. So make sure you read his blog and look at his portfolio.

Joy Ang – Talent and Charm July 26, 2007

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 Joy Ang 01

Joy Ang is hopefully indicative of the new wave of illustrators and creative people taking over the world. As comfortable with Pikachu snowmen as she is with 3D modelling software. That, and she has talent! Most of the stuff she touches turns out great and she’s still a student. I was recently checking portfolios at the Academy of Art in San Francisco and her stuff is a level above, what is by my experience and their reputation, an awesome school. Alberta School of Art and Design must be doing something right.

More specifically, Joy Ang is doing something right and I reckon she’ll have a great career. I can’t wait to see what her style develops into. I really enjoy her design aesthetic and her arsenal of techniques is impressive. (If you’re a fan of James Jean you’ll recognise a fellow fan in Joy.)

So, look at this portfolio of treasures and keep an eye on Joy. Make sure you check out the Sketchbook.

Joy Ang - Monkey

Behind Rikki Kasso July 7, 2007

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Rikki Kasso

This is probably one of the most prolific creators on the net. Rikki Kasso is from Shibuya, Japan and runs 7 blogs, probably has a real job as well, draws, photographs and exhibits and also , I repeat, finds time to blog about it all. I’ve mentioned Tokyo Undressed before, and here is another of his projects, Behind The Lines. Impressive if only for the sheer volume of illustrations. If you’re a fan of ink and paper and Japanese bondage/furries you’ll get a kick out of this site. NSFW.

Behind The Lines

ps. Cool Girl 365 has a feature by Rikki Kasso. You’ll have to dig for it but the digging is fun. Again: NSFW.

Maarten June 27, 2007

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In my experience this style of illustration can turn out really badly. Except if Maarten is the executor. Beautiful pieces with a lot of fun and sexiness thrown in. Well worth a meander.
This is his official site and this is his  agent’s page for him. And here is his blog, Champagne Cat Fight. Chicks dig it.

ps. His agent is is a Netherlands company called Comic House. Have a peruse through their portfolios. Very cool collection of European talent.

Jason Masters – 3rd Person Illustrator June 1, 2007

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 Jason Masters

Jason Masters is a fairly accomplished illustrator and designer. I’ve seen him survive online comics battles and ad campaign turmoil. His portfolio, while needing an interface upgrade, is chock full of examples of cool work. Including some illustrated ads that made it into the award shows.

Have a look. Give him money.

John Copeland – Drawings and Paintings May 1, 2007

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John Copeland

John Copeland is the kind of painter I wish I could be. Aware, talented and prolific. I was blown away by his figure work and the painting above betrays his sense of humour. There’s a great interview with him at Fecal Face which reveals of few of his opinions and he talks about his Journals (which are art pieces unto themselves).
When I started this blog it was to share my enthusiasm about brilliant people and cool stuff. John Copeland is why I keep looking for inspiration, because sometimes you find it.

John Copeland’s website
Fecal Face interview with Copeland

John Copeland Journal Sample

Excerpt from Fecal Face about his Journals:
Barron Storey got me started on those in 96, and I’ve been keeping them ever since. Small scale intensive sketchbooks where each page is made into a finished statement. Best part of that practice is the discipline and learning to follow through with each page till it works, experimentation and play. Anything goes in those, so you learn to play with images while working hard.