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The Other Side by Tiny Tim April 26, 2010

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The ice caps are melting, this Tiny Tim guy is acting like a fish and little girls are singing a chorus including the words “the tide is rising to wash away the sins”. Sheer lunacy. It’s beautiful. Your day will be better for watching this and singing along.


Janelle Monae Imaged by Wendy Morgan April 13, 2010

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Janelle Monae is an energetic and exciting singer. This song, Tightrope, makes you wanna jump up and move your feet. However, I doubt you’ll move your feet as well as the troupe in this video. The pictures are by Wendy Morgan, ass kicking director of the dance. They’re an equal and a tribute to the song.

Reggie Watts Comments on the State of Music & Work & Life etc March 16, 2010

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This video, as the title of this post implies, is a satirical look at the world and is obviously not safe for work if you’re going to play it loud. Stick with it, Reggie has a keen eye for the crap that pop culture spews out.

Little Boots Has Caught Me April 23, 2009

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Yes, it’s another Little Boots crush. However, it’s her charming acoustic web videos that have stolen my heart. She’s on her way to becoming rather bloody famous but still finds the time to do a cover of her own single in her bedroom. Her covers of Hot Chip, Cyndi Lauper and Sugarbabes among others are simple and wonderful. She’s not afraid of raw, unfinished fun. There’s a place for production and there’s a place for immediate performance. Can you imagine Bono or the Stones being this unfiltered? This is definitely a sign of another type of audience relationship.

Little Boots plays Jools Holland.

Roel Wouters – Running with the Beast December 4, 2008

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This music video by the graphic designer Roel Wouters is stirring up some controversy. Despite all protestations that No Animal Was Hurt in the making of this video for zZz, bleeding hearts are crying fowl. No animal was hurt. It is the nature of these animals to have at each other. You could argue that these poor, dumb animals had no choice in the matter, unlike like us humans who only have complete control over our fates. Is watching this for our entertainment morally questionable? Like watching Ultimate Fighting, girls beating each other up and glorified gambling. Where is your moral centre? This video makes people pick fights. Which is exactly what I find myself doing in this post. Genius. At least the birds had referees to stop any pecking below the belt.

It’s a polarising, graphic and artful video. And unafraid.

Here’s the Making Of.

Kanye West’s Visual Feast October 19, 2008

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Kanye West is a strange and interesting creator. I bumped into his blog and was a little surprised at what I found. Packaging design, store design, stills from his video productions, concept designs for giant toys and the occassional beautiful girl with running joke attached. Lots of design. I knew he had some cool CD covers and a few critically lauded videos, but I didn’t have a real appreciation for his remarkable visual sense.

His new video, Love Lockdown, is a pretty good example. It starts like an R&B video, Kanye wearing white, in a white kitchen, singing about love. Which is standard stuff. It quickly digresses into a tribal war dance, mixed with a few sexy women who are obviously provoking the men into a fervour, then there’s a spaceship… and then giant Tron women… really, neon Tron.

His genre skipping ranges from Takashi Murakami to Helmut Newton and Muppets. It’s fascinating to watch him create his reality. His interest in the world around him is reflected in the themes of the videos and music: the Olympics, the remake of Tron, super heroes and kawaii. Oh yes, and his blog of all places. I suggest you have a look. He’s having fun.

Kanye West


The Density of DJ Technology September 19, 2008

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DJ, Richie Hawton, has offered up a video tutorial on his technique involving a piece of software named Traktor. He runs 4 decks simultaneously with multiple loop and sampling potential on top of that. He explains how the computer takes care of all the timing so he can experiment, and collaborate with at least 4 other DJs. It’s dense layering, but I think it’s interesting how technology has helped him explore his art more thoroughly. On the other hand, the tools can have the habit of playing the operator, which can kill the joy of the mistake and create the cult of same. That’s just something I’ve noticed with design and the proliferation of Adobe CS. Same tools, similar outcomes, unless you fight with everything you have. The best DJs will avoid that bullet is my guess.

Viva Originals. Watch the video here (Vimeo is still not supported by WordPress. Tut tut.)

via PSFK

Cinematic Orchestra – To Build A Home Cinematically September 4, 2008

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Creative Review Blog are hosting the initial screening of The Cinematic Orchestra’sTo Build a Home” music video. It consists of 2 thematically linked tracks and is more of a short film than promo. It’s done by Up The Resolution and it is a wonderful, sad film. There’s also an interview with the creators.

CR: Two tracks could work as the soundtrack to a short film?
UTR: We believed so, yes. Beyond the obvious allusion to soundtracks in the band name, and in the music itself, there was a narrative theme (of love and loss) that ran through both songs lending them to being linked as a single story. The band had themselves commissioned an unmade film treatment for which these tracks were intended as a ‘score’, and whilst we didn’t read that script we were very sensitive to writing something sympathetic to the music and lyrics, and that was suitably moving, but (hopefully) not too mawkish or melodramatic.

Watch To Build A Home

ps. you may cry

Megasoid vs Girl Talk July 24, 2008

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I have no idea what that may sound like considering both groups sample, mash, destroy and are making me shake this morning. It’s a religious experience. I’m feeling the spirit, and the double shot Americano.

Girl Talk are visiting Toronto in November 2008. I have my tickets. And you can buy his album for whatever you think it’s worth here. Roy Orbison collided with Deelite massaged with Nirvana, I am full of enthusiasm.

Megasoid, the remix punks from Montreal are just ass kicking. They’re a similar beast but a little less ADD. You may sample their wisdom here.

The drawing is of John Borra of the Rattlesnake Choir. Make sure you watch them on Monday nights at the Dakota Tavern. Roots attitude.

Justice Video Is Pure Stress May 5, 2008

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Justice - Stress

The official video for Justice’s “Stress” directed by Romain-Gavras is The Most Provocative Music Video You Will See This Year. It’s disturbing and incredibly well executed

Prepare to be shocked. SpecialTen are not exaggerating. This music video is heart stopping. I could talk about it all day but it’s enough that you watch it.