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Roel Wouters – Running with the Beast December 4, 2008

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This music video by the graphic designer Roel Wouters is stirring up some controversy. Despite all protestations that No Animal Was Hurt in the making of this video for zZz, bleeding hearts are crying fowl. No animal was hurt. It is the nature of these animals to have at each other. You could argue that these poor, dumb animals had no choice in the matter, unlike like us humans who only have complete control over our fates. Is watching this for our entertainment morally questionable? Like watching Ultimate Fighting, girls beating each other up and glorified gambling. Where is your moral centre? This video makes people pick fights. Which is exactly what I find myself doing in this post. Genius. At least the birds had referees to stop any pecking below the belt.

It’s a polarising, graphic and artful video. And unafraid.

Here’s the Making Of.


Jon McNaught Squishes Paper Beautifully December 2, 2008

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I bumped into Mr McNaught from Bristol, England quite happily today. Well, his portfolio & blog to be more precise. I’m very, very far away from Bristol so that would have been quite the bump. I digress. This print maker and illustrator is excellent. His simple, lyrical and wonderful images are hand-made and are quite fantastical. And I don’t hand that out at the drop of a hat. Or giant monster foot as in Mr McNaught’s case.



(via Drawn!)

What To Do With All That Extra Time On Your Hands August 19, 2008

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I think this is interesting. A Camera, AfterEffects and Time equals one home made Fleet Week film. Just another example of the ridiculous production abilities that are now democratic. (Obama is a 3D animated puppet by the way, you can tell if you look closely at the hair rendering.)

See the hirez copy over at current.tv

Bearing Witness: Reuters Cover 5 Years of the Iraq War June 4, 2008

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Reuters in Baghdad

This is an amazing site by Reuters. It’s heartbreaking. The videos they have assembled, including interviews with journalists and photographers who have captured the in/humanity of the Iraq war, are astounding. It’s a remarkable document of the war told by the people who cover the stories. The design of the site is excellent, communicating quality and sensitivity to it’s subject. Make sure you look through the Profiles and the Timeline for a reminder of how the US and Britain ended up on the other side of the world fighting a cynical war.

“I’ve covered wars before, I’ve never seen what I saw there”
– Samia Nakhoul, Gulf Bureau Chief Reuters.


Bearing Witness

SuperBrothers Will Incorporate You May 4, 2008

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The Beguiling

We have all seen pixel art, however, I do believe these are the most elegant pushed pixels I have seen. The logical conclusion of the pixel as it were. My guess is, if you make pictures, you’ll be wondering how you can be so wasteful with your pixels when compared to the subtle touch of published and acclaimed illustrator, Craig Adams. Craig is also a concept artist for the gaming world, his character designs are pretty darn excellent, so make sure you look around his site properly.

SuperBrothers (via Drawn!)

IdeaFixa #9 Is Food for Thought December 9, 2007

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 IdeaFixa 1

IdeaFixa 2

IdeaFixa, the South American webazine famous for awesome Spanglish and excellent illustration, photography and art, has released Issue 9 ~ Food.

IdeaFixa 3

Credits for featured artists:
1. Cristina Negrau
2. Madame Peripatie
3. Pablo Lacruz

They are now accepting entries for Issue 10 ~ Fear & Loathing.

Stephen Doyle – WAS SAW November 8, 2007

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Stephen Doyle is a graphic designer who sculpts words that mess with meaning. Design Observer have a fantastic write up about him with some beautiful examples of his work. His hand-built words toy with your brain in only the most fun and profound ways. He’ll have you looking for your exacto knife.

Design Observer 

Curtis Wehrfritz – The Last Dove November 2, 2007

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 The Last Dove

Curtis is a fine art photographer who loves the drama of the detail. Everything from the vintage hand-ground large forrnat lenses to the intricate sets that he painstakingly builds is considered. All of these images are crafted over many sessions and then hand printed. There is no Photoshop or Canon printer involved. Craft geeking aside, they are poignant images.  Enjoy.


IdeaFixa e-Magazine October 2, 2007

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Ideafixa.com is a cool publication. It’s an e-mag that publishes bimonthly on specific themes. Issue 8 is Self-Portraits. While that has all the hallmarks of student disaster, the quality of the work is very impressive. The depth of the collection is fantastic, you just keep turning page after page after page. A lot of the work comes from South America and it’s  refreshing to get exposed to the talent of the South. There is also a bio section for some of the artists which makes for some interesting reading. They work on a submission policy and the next theme is Food. So get out your pencils, camera, wacom, emo, etc and try and overwhelm the curators with your genius.


Jonathan Weiner (Viner) – Tension September 27, 2007

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Jonathan Weiner (Viner) has a strange style of painting. He dips into beautiful technique while pulling subjects and themes from a more counter mainstream art geography. If that made no sense, check out Juxtapoz and then look at John Copeland and see where Mr Weiner (Viner) lands for you. It seems that there is tension in his work from multiple sources (his style, his references, his name etc) and I find that intriguing.  If only for the cool titles on his paintings, check out his site. Perhaps expand your art collection.

Viner Studio

ps. The featured work is “Fight or Flight“, 24″x36”, oil on canvas.