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LED Sheep Art – Shear Genius March 18, 2009

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Unadulterated joy of life. And sheep.


Garfield Minus The Cat March 4, 2009

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Occasionally I am reminded just how vast the internet universe is. Apparently this web comic of Garfield with Garfield removed is huge. It has a book deal and the blessing of Jim Davis. And it makes Jon look like a sad, sad man. The simplicity and genius use of the clone tool astound me.



The Luscious Locher Catalogue May 11, 2008

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I Really Need a Fucking Coffee

This is why we love the web. It’s only as puritan as you need it to be. People and Brands can say what they need to say and you choose whether you want to visit. In Nicole Locher’s case, she says cute, dirty things on beautiful clothes. Usually fashion, or any kind of, online catalogues are dull affairs. They don’t have to be dull, and in Swiss Miss Locher’s case, I doubt she could be. There’s a sense of humour at play in the clothes that is really entertaining. Her catalogue does a wonderful job of that as well. The site is hilarious, beautifully and simply executed, and makes me want to be a part of her world view. (Even though the clothes really won’t suit my frame.)


We Are Evolved November 27, 2007

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 Create This

Creationists are in the habit of finding “scientists who doubt evolution” or “scientists who dissent from Darwinism.” When they find these strange people they put their names on long lists as testaments to the idiocy of Evolution. Project Steve is an Evolutionary reaction. They’ve only asked scientists named Steve and Stephanie to add their name to their list (already it beats the pants off the Creationist list for saddos willing to put their name on a petition).

This story is nowhere near as entertaining as the  Steve Song though, it’s the anthem of the Steve List. Have a listen, you’ll be singing the chorus all day.


ps. Creationism prefers to be called Creation Science. Now that’s even funnier than the song.

Stephen Doyle – WAS SAW November 8, 2007

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Stephen Doyle is a graphic designer who sculpts words that mess with meaning. Design Observer have a fantastic write up about him with some beautiful examples of his work. His hand-built words toy with your brain in only the most fun and profound ways. He’ll have you looking for your exacto knife.

Design Observer 

Large Provocation September 16, 2007

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Maggie AP

I’m on the e-mail blast list of Agent Provocateur, not only because I like women in lingerie but because their web experiences are typically awesome. They partner with some great talent to bring a sense of humour and sophistication to frilly bits covering pink bits. Their latest endeavour, Lessons in Lingerie starring Maggie Gyllenhaal, Mindy and Tullulah is no exception. It’s just fun.

Mindy AP

And while Maggie and the girls look amazing trussed up in their silks, it’s the illustration that links all the photos together that makes it great. I’m having trouble finding someone to take credit for the work though (so if someone knows please tell me and I can update this blog and heap praise where it should be heaped). The illustration was done by Tim Major, an drawer of the erotic. I haven’t found an online portfolio (something about the unwanted attention perhaps?) but if you plug his name into Google Images you’ll find some fun stuff.

I can direct some kudos at the branding company behind the AP campaigns, Large. Based in London and Copenhagen they add quite of lot to fill out their clients curves (sales and sexiness). Their rhetoric is not especially ground breaking but the work is beautiful and effective. Which is usually more than enough.

Anyway, back to the AP site. They’ve tried to expand the experience by putting Mindy on Myspace and Facebook (we’re BFBFF) and do-it-yourself book covers that you can share on Flickr. All of which seem to have had an unfortunately luke warm start (I’m not sure about Myspace because I can’t find Mindy by searching. Myspace has the worst search on earth!) They also use the drip feed method of quality content fed to you over time. There will be more adventures released over time. If any brand should understand teasing it’s this one. In the name of fun and commerce, go visit.

Agent Provocateur


ps. The full credits are in the Comments. Thanks to Large for supplying the names I was missing.

Michel Gondry says: “Be Kind, Rewind.” August 29, 2007

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I love this trailer and I cannot wait for the movie.

Spider-Man’s Great Shame August 11, 2007

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Spidie Shame

They never mentioned this in movies! For a quick laugh at old advertising comics click here.
(Courtesy Paul F)

Junko Mizuno on Japanorama July 22, 2007

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I’ve been a fan of Junko Mizuno, the Japanese illustrator behind the reimagined Hansel & Gretel and Hell Babies (the vinyl cover is super), forever. So I was very happy to bump into this clip of the BBC’s Japanorama on Dadanoias. Junko is as cute as her creations so I’m sure you’ll enjoy the interview.

Junko Mizuno

Here is the crash course on Junko Mizuno if you happen to have missed her in your cultural learnings.

The Viral Palette July 9, 2007

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One of the problems that Marketers are concerned with is how do they maintain Brand Values while trying to maximise reach with Viral Media. They’re uncomfortable with the stunty craziness associated with YouTube but realise they can’t miss out on the opportunity. What do they do?

I’m going to bust the misconception that you need to be off strategy and whacky in order to get millions of people interested in your content. In fact, the most viewed, most memorable corporate content is all about brand strategy and brand values. You have to have something to say, why not say what you believe in?

Instead of talking about the sociological theories of viral media or showing a powerpoint slide with the “marketing approach” shopping list (which only provides the illusion of brand control) I’ll show some examples and do a quick precis of what I believe they do. This is by no means an exhaustive list of options but I’ll try to cover the main bases.

How do you get people to pass along your message? Here’s what worked for a few brands.

Take a Stand

A couple of guys jump an airport fence under cover of darkness and tag “Still Free” onto the fuselage of Airforce One. It’s a political statement. Well, it’s a corporate political statement. Marc Ecko and Droga 5 decided to make a film that embodies the spirit of the Ecko clothing label: The Art of Street Graffiti, Freedom of Speech (Ecko had sued New York City over the right to a graffiti competition) and champion of the youth. The sheer audacity of the prank meant it spread like wildfire. Ecko quickly (nearly the next day) explained why they did it in a statement from the owner himself where he mentions all of his Ecko properties. He did it for the kids of America, because he believes it’s the right thing to do, because it creates an altruistic brand character for people who sell t-shirts to kids from the hood and the burbs. They claim nearly 80 Million views.

Buy the Still Free t-shirt
Read about the Still Free Game
The Marc Ecko Brand
Still Free Official Site

Cannes Cyber Grand Prix 2006