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Unkle & Spike Jonze Level Up March 23, 2009

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This is the Skate video gone to the next level. It takes a minute or two to make sense, however, the extreme visual poetry is worth the wait.


The Killers MTV Stage Design December 24, 2008

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I’m not a fan of the song but their stage show design at the European MTV Awards was fairly spectacular. Looks like fun.

I.O.U. A Plastic Island – Welcome to Tomorrow November 5, 2008

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Last night Barack Obama became the poster child of optimists the world over. It was a remarkable piece of history and he was not wrong when he stated that his election was not the Change that needed to be made. The Change still needs to be done.

Here are two Changes that need to be dealt with. They effect everyone. One is a problem of the USA, the other is a problem that is the World’s.

I’m not posting these pieces just for their educational value, that’s not what I’m about really. They are excellent, startling and scary presentations of BIG problems in graphic and compelling ways. I.O.U.S.A is a 30 minute free version of their film released as a public service. Obviously you can buy the rest of the content to get the real detail, but the precis is more than enough to start with. The VBS.tv documentary is distributed through their own digital channel that is ad supported (I’m not sure where the link is with Rockband (the game) and environmental meltdown, other than their ridculous packaging).

The content delivered for both is remarkable. Worth learning from and learning about.


I.O.U.S.A, the documentary explaining the United States 8.7 Trillion Dollar debt and it’s implications has released a 30 minute cutdown on Vimeo. This is perhaps the scariest film since An Inconvenient Truth and you should spend the time to educate yourself on what it’s about and what it means to your future. Words cannot explain the magnitude of the crisis, so they use pictures to help us understand.


VBS.tv have created a 12 part documentary of their journey to the island of plastic that sits in the Pacific Ocean. It is not a myth. It is not going away. This will change the way you think about plastic.

ps. Remember to Invest in Yourself.

Cinematic Orchestra – To Build A Home Cinematically September 4, 2008

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Creative Review Blog are hosting the initial screening of The Cinematic Orchestra’sTo Build a Home” music video. It consists of 2 thematically linked tracks and is more of a short film than promo. It’s done by Up The Resolution and it is a wonderful, sad film. There’s also an interview with the creators.

CR: Two tracks could work as the soundtrack to a short film?
UTR: We believed so, yes. Beyond the obvious allusion to soundtracks in the band name, and in the music itself, there was a narrative theme (of love and loss) that ran through both songs lending them to being linked as a single story. The band had themselves commissioned an unmade film treatment for which these tracks were intended as a ‘score’, and whilst we didn’t read that script we were very sensitive to writing something sympathetic to the music and lyrics, and that was suitably moving, but (hopefully) not too mawkish or melodramatic.

Watch To Build A Home

ps. you may cry

Mystery Posting January 11, 2008

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A wonderful talk about Mystery awaits you.

Mystery Link

Michel Gondry says: “Be Kind, Rewind.” August 29, 2007

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I love this trailer and I cannot wait for the movie.

Glen E. Friedman – Sweet Talk Interview July 17, 2007

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When the Dogtown guys were inventing skateboarding, when punk splashed onto the streets and hip hop dug itself out of the dark, Glen E. Friedman was there. Really. He took the photos that documented these worlds and brought them to the rest of us. This is an interview that was done at SweetTalk ,an informal presentation series. They’re releasing these interviews slowly at Veer at this one is definitely worth the watch. The guy is really interesting and speaks from his gut. Very inspiring for any creator.



ps. I’ve just finished a book called The Tipping Point where they talk about Mavens. People who get information before anyone else and then can’t help but spread the word. This guy is a Maven. An insider.

pps. He also has a great diatribe about the faux Terry Richardson crap photography movement. Knowing a few horrified photographers, I say amen.

The Viral Palette July 9, 2007

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One of the problems that Marketers are concerned with is how do they maintain Brand Values while trying to maximise reach with Viral Media. They’re uncomfortable with the stunty craziness associated with YouTube but realise they can’t miss out on the opportunity. What do they do?

I’m going to bust the misconception that you need to be off strategy and whacky in order to get millions of people interested in your content. In fact, the most viewed, most memorable corporate content is all about brand strategy and brand values. You have to have something to say, why not say what you believe in?

Instead of talking about the sociological theories of viral media or showing a powerpoint slide with the “marketing approach” shopping list (which only provides the illusion of brand control) I’ll show some examples and do a quick precis of what I believe they do. This is by no means an exhaustive list of options but I’ll try to cover the main bases.

How do you get people to pass along your message? Here’s what worked for a few brands.

Take a Stand

A couple of guys jump an airport fence under cover of darkness and tag “Still Free” onto the fuselage of Airforce One. It’s a political statement. Well, it’s a corporate political statement. Marc Ecko and Droga 5 decided to make a film that embodies the spirit of the Ecko clothing label: The Art of Street Graffiti, Freedom of Speech (Ecko had sued New York City over the right to a graffiti competition) and champion of the youth. The sheer audacity of the prank meant it spread like wildfire. Ecko quickly (nearly the next day) explained why they did it in a statement from the owner himself where he mentions all of his Ecko properties. He did it for the kids of America, because he believes it’s the right thing to do, because it creates an altruistic brand character for people who sell t-shirts to kids from the hood and the burbs. They claim nearly 80 Million views.

Buy the Still Free t-shirt
Read about the Still Free Game
The Marc Ecko Brand
Still Free Official Site

Cannes Cyber Grand Prix 2006


Phamous Update July 7, 2007

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 Phamous Picture

It seemed to take Phorever! I’ve finally spotted some new content on Phamous 69, everyone’s favourite diamante encrusted glam ero-disco magazine. If you haven’t seen it yet, picture high-end photography, film and writing applied to slick surfaces (including models) with a whiff of decadence. City kids swear by it.

Phamous 69 

Diesel’s Liquid Space June 28, 2007

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Diesel have done something beautiful. This image creation is absolutely startling and I can only imagine what a treat it would have been to see this live.

“Diesel’s Creative Team (under the direction of Wilbert Das) based the show on an aquatic theme entitled “Liquid Space” and brought together Barcelona animation studio Dvein – who worked on the CGI visual effects and 3D animations – and Danish multi-media production agency, Vizoo, who provided the innovative technology for the show, which they had created themselves. Neither studio, say Diesel, had previously worked on anything like this before.”

Creative Review have a great article.