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A Few More Drawing Lines August 15, 2010

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I’ve added a few more drawings to my sketchbook selects on Boundless Optimism. Quite colourful lines in fact.


New Drawings on Boundless May 8, 2010

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There are a few new drawings at Boundless Optimism, my drawing portfolio. They’re not completely safe for work, but they’re drawings… so it’s art. Hope you like them.

No Talking October 7, 2009

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It Hurts

French cartoonists have lovely brush work and Philippe is a fine example. Cute pirates will keep you quiet at his blog, No Talking Just Rock ‘n Roll. They bring a smile to my face.

Green Washing August 5, 2009

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Boundless Desktop Wallpaper 01 April 10, 2009

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Boundless Wallpaper 01

Here is a desktop wallpaper to put some analog texture on your digital surface. The model for this drawing really is 17 feet tall and was found lounging in the veldt of South Africa.

It includes several screen sizes, including iPhone and PSP.

Boundless Optimism March 30, 2009

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I have updated my drawing gallery site, Boundless Optimism. It is now expanded to include the 1Thousand Drawing project, (all 1000 drawings are available to view and download, including all the videos that go with it) and several other projects that have been hidden away for the last few years and months.


There are desktop wallpapers available as well in the downloads section. I’ll be starting a “members only” section in the next few weeks so if you want access, let me know. I’ve switched to the a service called SquareSpace. It’s a widget based CSS system that helped me get the first iteration of the site up in 3 hours. It’s fast, simple and seem to be fairly powerful. I will admit to one or two irritating glitches but I suspect that may be my fault. The site is hosting over 1300 images in 25 galleries without a stutter.


Please have a visit: www.boundlessoptimism.org

Charlotte Mann Draws Life Size December 23, 2008

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I pretend to draw occasionally so I’m aware of some of the difficulties with the form. One of them is filling a wall. A mural size black and white drawing is a challenge. One which Charlotte Mann has turned into a speciality. From fashion show backdrops to house murals, Charlotte brings a charm and liveliness to her 1:1 drawings that looks effortless. Beyond scribbling on walls Charlotte also creates the odd fashion museum piece.

Charlotte Mann’s Website

Fun With Colors! April 2, 2008

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Rattlesnake Choir

I’m a bit of a drawing geek. I love to scratch away and make messes of people and places. And it’s all become a bit more portably digital. The Nintendo DS is a fantastic little machine, made all the more fantastic by the fact that it comes with a pressure sensitive drawing screen. Usually this is used for games like Zelda where you can use the stylus to move and fight. Instead, I can now hang out in a bar and draw with a palette of thousands of colours. I’m using the HomeBrew solution CycloDSevolution and Colors! freeware. The setup costs about as much as a DS ($120 for a MicroSD card and the Cyclo) but once you have the thing hacked, the DS suddenly becomes incredibly useful beyond gaming. You can play the drawing process as a movie file and e-mail the images via the built in wifi (which strangely generates a bigger image than I pull off the DS itself!)

Colors! And check out the galleries of other users as well.

The bad drawings are of the Rattlesnake Choir.


I have a question: Why is it that when I take the PNG image file directly from the memory card its 128kb and small. But when I e-mail it to myself through the Colors! site, it becomes a 786kb file that’s 200% bigger? 

Quentin Blake Appreciation Moment March 6, 2008

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 Quentin Blake

Quentin Blake has fired the imaginations of to many grizzly little children not to have a moment set aside for his drawings.

This is an video interview on  The Guardian.
And here is his brilliant  official site.

IdeaFixa #9 Is Food for Thought December 9, 2007

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 IdeaFixa 1

IdeaFixa 2

IdeaFixa, the South American webazine famous for awesome Spanglish and excellent illustration, photography and art, has released Issue 9 ~ Food.

IdeaFixa 3

Credits for featured artists:
1. Cristina Negrau
2. Madame Peripatie
3. Pablo Lacruz

They are now accepting entries for Issue 10 ~ Fear & Loathing.