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Roel Wouters – Running with the Beast December 4, 2008

Posted by Ivan Pols in art, culture, images, music, video.
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This music video by the graphic designer Roel Wouters is stirring up some controversy. Despite all protestations that No Animal Was Hurt in the making of this video for zZz, bleeding hearts are crying fowl. No animal was hurt. It is the nature of these animals to have at each other. You could argue that these poor, dumb animals had no choice in the matter, unlike like us humans who only have complete control over our fates. Is watching this for our entertainment morally questionable? Like watching Ultimate Fighting, girls beating each other up and glorified gambling. Where is your moral centre? This video makes people pick fights. Which is exactly what I find myself doing in this post. Genius. At least the birds had referees to stop any pecking below the belt.

It’s a polarising, graphic and artful video. And unafraid.

Here’s the Making Of.



1. Robyn Vickers - December 8, 2008


As impressive as watching Elks rutting, or giraffes sparing, or lions having at each other on a beautiful BBC documentary. It makes art out of natural animal aggression.

A quote I read recently:
“…as for birds and mammals, it has long been appreciated that they are perfectly capable of deception and subversion. For my part, I don’t find these things odd or disturbing, as it’s the continuity of all life that intrigues me most. Humans are not alone in their baseness — though a few may be alone in their desire to rise above it.”
~ Mark Germer

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