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Kanye West’s Visual Feast October 19, 2008

Posted by Ivan Pols in art, design, music.
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Kanye West is a strange and interesting creator. I bumped into his blog and was a little surprised at what I found. Packaging design, store design, stills from his video productions, concept designs for giant toys and the occassional beautiful girl with running joke attached. Lots of design. I knew he had some cool CD covers and a few critically lauded videos, but I didn’t have a real appreciation for his remarkable visual sense.

His new video, Love Lockdown, is a pretty good example. It starts like an R&B video, Kanye wearing white, in a white kitchen, singing about love. Which is standard stuff. It quickly digresses into a tribal war dance, mixed with a few sexy women who are obviously provoking the men into a fervour, then there’s a spaceship… and then giant Tron women… really, neon Tron.

His genre skipping ranges from Takashi Murakami to Helmut Newton and Muppets. It’s fascinating to watch him create his reality. His interest in the world around him is reflected in the themes of the videos and music: the Olympics, the remake of Tron, super heroes and kawaii. Oh yes, and his blog of all places. I suggest you have a look. He’s having fun.

Kanye West



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