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MTV Switch “Faces” vs Audi A4 “Faces” June 20, 2007

Posted by Ivan Pols in advertising, Audi Faces, comment, design, film, funny, MTV Switch Faces, music, objectification, politics, portfolio.

MTV Switch
Play MTV Switch “Faces”

This is a classic example of ideas stepping on ideas. Which is to say these two ads almost come from the same cutting room. I appreciate that the takeout is different, one is about the hungry mouths of power outlets and the other is about the big mouth of the Audi A4. I also understand that the creative teams were oblivious to one another (MTV Switch 2007, Audi A4 2005). And the MTV ad is for an environment saving “charity” and Audi is an environment destroying car. Despite all these dissimilarities, they are ridiculously similar (and I’m sure similar to a hundred other references).

So, the important question is: Which soundtrack do you prefer?

ps. The Audi A4 ad is mine by the way.



1. Chris Hoskin - June 20, 2007

Audi gets my nod.

2. Vicki - June 27, 2007

That reminds me of the Skoda ‘cake car’ ad. Remarkably (and somewhat bizarrely?) similar to a South Park episode where Satan has a birthday party on and demands a cake the exact size and shape of a Ferrari. Some of the shots are almost identical. I think it’s called “Hell on Earth” if you wanted to look it up.

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