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Cali Rezo – A Mannered Digital Painter June 14, 2007

Posted by Ivan Pols in art, art crush, blog, drawing, female, figurative art, hot girls, illustration, images, music, photoshop, portfolio, video, virb, women.

 Cali Rezo

Cali Rezo makes painting look really easy. Not because of the fancy software she uses, the over large Wacom or clever cheats. It’s because she’s a damned talented Graphist. And she sings.
I especially like her distorted portraits but there is a huge portfolio on her site to choose from. She plays around quite a bit with subject but always with a technical prowess that makes me want to try harder. Cali’s images turn out so remarkably tight that she’s put together a “How Do I Work” video that shows that while she uses photographs as part of her process she does not work over them. The video is humbling to watch. In order for her to keep her art her own she has a day job, so all this work is after hours. I suspect she paints very fast. Her work is available to buy and she does commissions. I reckon she’d make a really good character designer for film and games.

Cali’s Home (includes all her portfolios and stuff).
Cali on Virb (you can hear her sing here as well).



1. Austin - June 14, 2007

I love to do this. I find it interesting that many don’t see photoshop programs as real art. Clearly they haven’t seen THIS artist. I love the distorted beauty. I’m loving that red hair and crystal clear eyes to the heavens. Gorgeous!


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