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Joost Beta Is Nearly There, Beta Get Better. April 7, 2007

Posted by Ivan Pols in advertising, joost, technology, TV.


I got my invitation for Joost yesterday. I would have played right there and then but had to bring my work laptop home because the software doesn’t run on anything less than the latest Intel macs. No biggie. Installation was painless, I have a user name and the thing looks awesome for streaming TV. Just like regular TV to be honest. Content will come with time but there’s a few hundred hours viewing.

Searching is fast and over picture. It is truly on demand. It may take a few seconds to get the stream started but nothing like wading through 5 minutes of ads. The ads are targeted and fairly discreet (that’ll change!) The interface isn’t awful (the controller needs a little help) and a click on the picture kills all the onscreen controls. Slick. I really, really like it. I want to love it.
One problem. The stuttering. To be honest I am on a wireless network which may account for some of the lag but I’m ahead of the curve for bandwidth and if I’m suffering (enough not to bother watching) this service may not get mainstream acceptance.It basically relies on a lot of people watching TV all the time and some dedicated bandwidth (700kb/s download, 300kb/s upload I think).

Maybe no one was watching TV with me?

This, or something like this, is the what TV is now. Interactive, niche, high quality content , on demand.

ps. is it just me or every rugby lover out there: everytime I see the name Joost I think of the Springbok scrum-half, Joost van der Westhuizen.

ADD: I’m trying the Joost again on Sunday afternoon and it’s running a lot better. Other than an errant skip and image degradation every now and then it’s all good. (Now, if only BSG found it’s way there.)



1. Rick Dornan - April 7, 2007

I would love an invite

2. dennis - April 7, 2007

I’ve been curious for quite a while but haven’t been able to secure an invitation.

What happens if you lose network connection in the middle of a stream? Does it pick up seamlessly after reconnect, or are you forced to start over again?

Anyhow, it looks like an interesting service. Can’t wait to see it for myself.

3. ivan.retry - April 7, 2007

To Rick: If you want to play with Joost I think the Beta is now open to the public: http://www.joost.com/download/

And to Dennis: yeah, the stream just keeps chugging along. It uses the same system as Skype, which is: if it loses a packet of information it just ignores it and keeps going. The bet is that enough packets arrive to make sense of the show. Which they do.

4. dennis - April 7, 2007

ivan: Just checked out the site — don’t think it is open for public sign-up, unfortunately.

Do you know if it is actually using Fasttrack as the back-end network (as Skype does)?

5. ivan.retry - April 7, 2007

Nope, no clue if it uses Fasttrack.
Here’s the Wikipedia entry, it gives a lot of technical detail: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joost

And they didn’t give me any Gmail type invites. Apparently they’re being picky (and building demand).

6. dennis - April 10, 2007

Thanks for the info. The beta thing worked well for Google, but unless the tool is downright invincible I think it’s a dangerous tactic. Look at Rojo, for example.

At least I found a new weblog to read out of the whole deal. 🙂

7. Don - July 18, 2007

If anyone has an invite, that would be awesome. I have been searching everywhere for one.

Here is my blog if anyone is feeling generous today:

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