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Helvetica: The Movie – Coming To A Geek Fest Near You March 10, 2007

Posted by Ivan Pols in design, documentary, film, geek.


In the early days of my career I could identify obscure typefaces, name them from memory and find them in the deepest recesses of file structures long turned to the dust. My father was disappointed with me. My mother thought I was an idiot. I was a font geek and proud of it. Since then I’ve discovered girls and drink so my font skills are sadly rusted, but I can still appreciate the premise of a movie dedicated to a font that surrounds us. It’s everywhere. It’s the old fall back when you’ve run out of ideas for a contemporary furniture store/software company/cafe/dog parlour/toy factory/hairdresser/book cover/wine label/music festival/museum/fashion store/gig poster/web site/brochure/giant robot/animated film/train company/air conditioner/shampoo packaging/liquor store/spectacle boutique/rodeo invitation/hip hop clothing line/”Mom” tattoo/strip club neon signage/taxi company/airport/ironic hotel/sex shop/digital camera/street sign/DVD/chap stick/bakery/auditor/lawyer/restaurant/coffee blend/Peruvian tour guides/doomsday cult/jewelry designer/2nd hand vacuum cleaner store/antique copyist/”designer” anything.

Frankly. Helvetica kills me. Check out the movie here, there are clips with Brody and blogs and stuff.



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