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I Must Be Emo – News Report Finds Itself Without Sense Of Humour March 1, 2007

Posted by Ivan Pols in emo, funny, news, trash, video.

This video is hilarious. A sheriff (his head says SHERIFF so you know he’s an authority figure) and his blonde perky reporter sidekick attempt to explain Emo, and have descibed me. I’d better warn my parents.

Black hair covering half my face. So I only see half the world.

Emo Hair

Self-inflicted wounds on my hands and wrists.

Emo Scars

Foul fucking language.

Sigh. Emo kids are morons and so are these people.



1. Robyn Vickers - March 2, 2007

I’m not sure perms qualify on the emo scale. Have you taken the test? Are you sure?

2. ivan.retry - March 2, 2007

I think anything resembling hair across half the face counts. Especially if it’s dark curls of sexiness.

3. emogirl - August 28, 2007

i love emo’s and i am a emo and dats realy cool :D:D:D

4. zoe - August 30, 2007

i dont mind emo’s but they say they dont like to be catorgorised but then why wear the same thing they say the are different and individuals but why is everbody now turning emo and all looking the same. make up ur own style dont care what other people think. do you want to be known as oh my god a depressing emo im not gonna talk to them all someone whos mixed up thier style woth goth, hippie, emo. anyhting you can think of and people thinking i like thier style and like me i still get shouted at no more than emo’s but its so much fun just messing up different styles. but everbody has thier opinion so emo’s be happy and god luck love everbody

5. up urs - December 27, 2007

That fucker is ugly as hell

6. Shaz - January 9, 2008

You are no emo, emos have long dark black hair, they wear eyeliner, a few emos have snake bites. Also some emos have a long black fringe and maybe a big hairband with a bow [if it is a girl] and random colours, with spikes at the back. Some emos have spikes at the back and long fringe without the hairband, as for myself Im kind of a emo, but in a few years ill have snake bites and spikes ^.^
Please note, emos do NOT in anyway SLIT their WRISTS, anyone who dares to say they do are retards with no life. NOW GROW UP!

– Shaz.

7. Miss emo rocker - January 20, 2008

hey im an emo, ive self harmed b4, its not because we want attention or because we lyk it, its because thats the only way we can express our anger and our feelings. self harming is a way of relieving stress, if you had taken my blade away then i would have got even more stressed. so dont be calling emos who self harm morons or idiots, try and hear our side of the story first b4 you judge us. and actually, an emo is an emotional person not someone who dresses like one, if they dress like an emo but is not emotional then they are not an emo. an emo is a person with emotional problems

8. lil mizz emo spills - January 31, 2008


evan da news gets ii wrong morons = in welsh carrots im not orenge dweeb

not all emos slit not all emos dye da hair black o where dark clothes

grrrrrrrrrrrrrr people like u make me mad

9. the girl - February 2, 2008

The term “Emo” is used as counterculture; it is an abreviation of the word “emotional”. Emo it’s defining not only an attitude, but also a fashion that are coming from emocore (emo music). Emocore is a combination between hardcore and punk music which was very popular in Washington DC in the late 80’s. The emo culture continued to develop between ’90 and ’00, reaching the height of its popularity today.
› Emo Kids
The term for the teenagers who listen emocore is emo kids. The society thinks about them as failures; they are not strong enough to hide their emotions, they’re sensitive, shy, introverted, and often quiet. Usually, Emo kids like to express their feeling writing poems about their problems with depression, confusion, and anger ;all because the world fails to understand them. Emo poetry uses a combination of any of: a highly emotional tone, stream of consciousness writing, a simple (ABAB) or nonexistent rhyme scheme, references to the flesh, especially the heart, heavy use of dark or depressing adjectives, and concern over the mutability of time, love or both. Themes such as life is pain are common. You can check some ’emo poems’ on our forum! Altough life is already very hard for them, emo kids have to suffer for even more society prosecution because of their condition. The term ’emo’ itself is used nowadays as an insult. Adressed to a person means they are ‘overly emotional’. Emocore is compared with pop boy bands of 1990s. Critics cast the music as lacking any artistic merit and that the fashion is just … a fashion used to drive girls attention. The ones who are emo not because they feel it, but because they like to be trendy are named ‘posers’. A big percent of the current emo subculture is formed by posers. Emo subculture is acused that it is celebrating self-harm. As i’ve said before many fail to understand that those are only fake emos (rawrr you bastards, get away from here); actually i have no rights to judge them even if most of us suffer because of them.
How to look emo
Many teens want to ‘look emo’ and have emo hair and all that. We decided to help you so we made a quick guide and also put some pictures with emo boys and emo girls. Make sure you check it, it’s on ’emo fashion’ page!
Why emo doesn’t mean emotional
Now more of the truth. I’m going to make this as easy to understand as possible. Now I’m all for evolution, I believe in evolution after all! Even in terms of words; gay use to mean “happy” now it can either mean, “stupid”, “lame” or it’s current proper use “homosexual.” However, the term emo is very different. If you claim “emo” were to mean “emotional” it then becomes an all encompassing word, it becomes extremely vague and it has no limit as to what it can and will describe. This is an issue because the term is suppose to (and believed to by the people who use it) to describe one specific thing, when it fact it does the complete opposite. Emo when wrongfully used as “emotional” describes every living thing, every song, every word, every breath, every statement. Why you ask? Because what as no emotion is dead. Emo was created as a shortened term to describe a specific thing, in this case “emotive hardcore” an off shoot of hardcore punk from the mid 80’s. This genre is still alive today, although very obscure and unknown to most. Those who like to shout they’re ’emo’ usually never heard of any other band than fall out boy. What many of you are now doing are displaying a vast amount of laziness and gullibility. Why are you wrongfully using the term emo to describe “scene”, “fashion core” and sappy mainstream rock? Think before you speak, stop taking short cuts, and stop being the media’s bitch.
the point is that emo these days arent what emo is but lets get to what i have to say now “emos” these days are all icut myself cause most want attention not all do though and this i no no coment why i no but i do and others just dont cut but they like the way they look it demented steriotyping again

10. Ivan Pols - February 2, 2008

If ever there was a load of emo vitriole it’s this last comment from The Girl. My favourite few lines are these, “the point is that emo these days arent what emo is but lets get to what i have to say now “emos” these days are all icut myself cause most want attention not all do though and this i no no coment why i no but i do and others just dont cut but they like the way they look it demented steriotyping again”.

The hell you say?

11. sheneverlovedme - February 4, 2008

I am an emo and i am the hardest core emo and nobody else is emo they are all posers except for me.

PS: How do you get an emo down from a tree?
Cut the rope.

12. XXemoprincessXX - February 6, 2008

That guy up there is just a fucked up poser with weird hair >=[
I moved 2 dis new school and every1 already calls me emo and is really fucken pissing me off according 2 them they say “emo’s need help” well i think they should fuck off and mind there own fucken lives >=[ k well bye >=]

13. XXemoprincessXX - February 6, 2008

goth_bunny21@yahoo.ca hahahahahahahahhahahahha

14. Emo Kid.. AND WHAT ?!? - February 9, 2008

Not all emos cut them selves ya knew ! And emos do not need help you need help from saying that emos need help ! Say what ??
Anyway me is an emo and i dont cut dont mean im not emo ! plus emos are no fucking morons ! People who hate emos ( probably chavs ) are newb ends ! To be honest if I think that once you get to know an emo they can be very nice to you ! Plus ! Emos might take ovurr tha world ya knew ! I DONT THINK THAT RANDOM GUYS AND GALS SHOULD BE CALLING OTHER PEOPLE MORONS !!! Its Just not nice >=-( MUPPETS !
Me is a gurliee by the way =)


We hate emos because they don’t fully appreciate and take advantage of what they are given, they just whine about what they don’t have. They think that imposing their sorrow on others will get them attention and pity when they should really just get up off their asses and do something. They let their hormones get the better of them and let it effect their physicality. They have to realize that everyone goes through shit and there is no need to parade it around or cry if someone doesn’t like you. We’re all different, you jackasses, so if someone doesn’t have the same views as you then you grow some balls and stand up for yourself. The emo mindset has not only wasted the lives and money of thousands of kids, but it has ruined the sacred reverence of metal. You can’t scream effectively worth shit, and because you try, people confuse the shit you churn out with metal. And when people hear it(because it’s more mainstream and accessible than metal), they either a)know it’s emo so from then on, whenever they hear screaming, whether emo or metal, they assume it’s ‘slit my wrists music’. Or b) they think it’s metal, which is a complete disgrace to all metal stands for. In either instance, this misconception is one of the most putrid things for a true metalhead to hear(second only to rap). Not only did you ruin metal, but you, allied with rap, ruined music altogether in the sense that now people think that a good song means a song with a catchy chorus. Musical talent is meaningless to you and that is reflected in the shit played on the radio. So to sum up, FUCK YOU EMOS! WE’RE ALL WAITING THE DAY YOU ALL SUICIDE YOURSELVES INTO EXTINCTION!

16. punk gurl - April 14, 2008

In boRnEO..hAvE a MaNy Emo BuT tHeY anTi GoThIc…aNd GoThIC hAtE Emo…HOw 2 sOLVe tHiS PrObLem?????

17. punk gurl - April 14, 2008

i don’t like emo gurl @ boy colour there hair because its not look smart…only black are smart…

18. Charlee - April 16, 2008

that news report has NOTHING to do with being emo.
emo is people who genuinly have life problems not just winging and whining for attention or to fit into the sub culture.
i myself sit with the ’emo’ group at my highschool. and i know all of them have genuine problems and people doing this kind of thing is NOT helping them.

19. Charlee - April 16, 2008

go fuck yourself
you said:They think that imposing their sorrow on others will get them attention and pity .

how does what emos do impose their sorrow onto other people.
you have no fucking idea what some of them go through and by wearing darker clothes and having a different perspective on life is how they express it. big fucking deal cunt.

20. Ellen Rose - May 14, 2008

Kids who slit their wrists are not emo – they’re kids who need help. People who do just do it so they can say how “emo” they are are idiots who are making us ignore kids that do need help because we brush them aside as attention seekers.

I have a fringe, i have dark red dyed hair, i wear skinny jeans, i paint my nails black, i wear vans and converse. Am I emo? or am i just taking a range of different fashions (emo, indie, grunge, mainstream, retro, and others) that i have admired over the years and put them together? I’ve always worn a lot of black since i was about 13 so i’m not jumping on any bandwagons with that. In fact it was a way to differ myself from the girls at my school who never accepted me as a friend, so I was trying to be an individual but only in the confines of my school as i realised that i wasn’t the only one wearing what i was wearing in the world as a whole. But i don’t complain about the girls at school so much now, because now thanks to them i look goooooood. at least my boyfriend (with a fringe and lip-ring, but no skinny jeans….oh dear – we’re just such a perfect example of the emo stereotype, only without the ‘self harming’…..) thinks i do :]

good find on the video though. It hilarious when older adults get worried about teenagers when everyone else knows that the “point scale” is non existant and is actually taking the mic out of emos. Whoever heard of anyone bragging to all their mates about being emo?! (i dunno in the US but in the UK all “emo-kids” like to say how much they’re not emo, so the rule is if you say “i’m not emo” it means you are…). I’m a little embarrassed if i get a high mark really, but hey, i deal with it with a great big smile. it’s just another example of how the media has NO IDEA about what the world is really like and it’s scary that some people believe that stuff.

21. Ellen Rose - May 14, 2008

also another note

can people stop being mean to emo kids? i think they’re actually quite sweet… and i love the fashion and a lot of the music. let people have their own opinion on stuff like fashion and music – stop telling them how rubbish it is and shoving your opinion down people’s throats. there’s stuff i dont like but i dont go up to people and say “I can’t believe you like that crap!!” even if i think that, because thats only my opinion. it’s not fact, no matter how much you think it is.

that’s not directed at anyone in particular – it’s just a trend i’ve noticed.

22. Jennifer - June 10, 2008

um…were can you find the ’emo scale’ i want to check this out

23. fantasyonhigh - June 3, 2009

you are all fucking idiots. competing seeing who is the most emo. your a poser your a poser your a poser. well i think you’re all acting like four year olds. the only person here i can give anything to is ellen rose. THANK YOU FOR BEING MATURE! whatever happened to liking the color black? JUST TO LIKE IT! or listening to certain music…BECAUSE YOU LIKE IT! everything in today’s culture has to be stereotyped into something just so that we can understand it. every social group has to be given a name. why can’t we just let it go and get along?! no matter what we wear or what music we listen to or what we choose to do to our own bodies?! and to shaz. WTF!?! you call yourself emo and yet you sit there and generalize everyone?! pitiful. i myself am told that i look like a “scene kid who should have been born in the sixties” on other days i am called an “emo kid” other days everyone is like you look like a “prep”. wow. i have a style that changes. i have hair that is cut in choppy layers and it currently has five colors in it. as to the self harm issue. i’ve done it for two years and am still recovering. YES RECOVERING. it’s an addiction. just like any drug or alcohol addiction. i didn’t do it for attention. i didn’t do it because i enjoyed the pain. i did it because my life was hell and it was the one thing that I COULD CONTROL. the one way i knew how to deal with things. it takes your mind off the emotional pain so you only focus on the physical pain. anyway. grow up. and stop generalizing people.

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