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I Smoke Responsibly – You Can Too February 26, 2007

Posted by Ivan Pols in advertising, cannabis, design, drugs, funny, politics, posters, Toronto.

Smoke Responsibly

This is a poster that’s been plastered all over Toronto. Now, I’m all for people spending their time doing what they enjoy. It doesn’t hurt anyone and while the economy may slow during smoke breaks no harm is done. This poster however needs to be dissected. It’s either:

1. A state sponsored attempt to accept all Cannabis smokers into their system of understanding and tax and thereby suck all the fun out of smoking weed. A sure fire way of getting kids off the green and back into their books.

2. Made by someone who had just smoked a very large reefer. Because no one in their right mind would use this woman as their spokesperson for responsible smoking. Do you see the gleam in her eye? The wrinkles (she’s 27)? How many font sizes and colours did they think was appropriate for a message of control and C.A.L.M (which is an acronym from H.E.L.L.).

Their website, appropriately?? named Cannabis Club, is filled with sensitive doctor images and smiling patients (no doubt caused by much C.A.L.M.). I suppose their efforts are purely humanitarian but they should not be inflicting that intro flash animation on anyone. For any reason. No matter how numb they are to pain or critical thought.



1. neovids - March 14, 2007


I thought you might be interested in this documentary about the raging battle taking place in San Diego over medical marijuana. The film is called RX Cannabis, and there is a trailer online that you can view. We will be adding more video online very soon including behind the scenes footage and vlogs from the filmmaker.

Here are some links:
myspace: http://www.myspace.com/rxcannabis
blog: http://www.rxcannabis.blogspot.com
email: rxcannabis@gmail.com

2. ivan.retry - March 14, 2007

Thanks for that. I’ll check it out.

3. learning - June 24, 2007

The point of the model is to show that you don’t have to be under 20 and wearing a hoodie to smoke pot. The point of the campaign is to show that cannabis is a safe substance that can be used responsibly under regulation.

4. secret47 - March 18, 2009

“…smoked a very large reefer.” You’re a fucktard. You obviously do not know a lot about medical marijuana, and are uneducated. They aren’t trying to make marijuana unappealing. They weren’t really stoned, making a silly poster. They used a picture of a -sick- patient, along with words of compassionate awareness. “I smoke responsibly. You can too.” Weed can be legal. People will not stop smoking it. If every mother and father in the world began smoking weed, you think that teenagers would lose interest and redirect themselves to their books? Incorrect. As it becomes more and more available, and the modern age focuses more and more on the research and decriminalization of marijuana, children and parents are likely to soon be getting high together, sharing weed as not only a bonding experience but as a way to ease stress, connect personally and recreate all at once. Idiots like yourself give me the greatest of smiles because just reading your thoughts on this poster has shown me that you are very unfamiliar with marijuana and that you are one of many to quickly see a drug, despite that marijuana is far healthier than substances such as alcohol. The part of the marijuana that is smoked is the flower. Unlike alcohol, marijuana does not affect you by poisoning you over a period of hours. Long after you sober up, you can have thc in your body that does not impair you in any way. You cannot coexist with alcohol in the same way and expect to be unaffected.

Douche bag.

5. Ivan Pols - March 19, 2009

secret47 from the previous comment is from mpp.org (Marijuana Policy Project) and has a vested interest in my comments. Apparently secret47 has forgotten that long term marijuana use is proven to seriously effect your short term memory and misplaced his sense of reality, “children and parents are likely to soon be getting high together”. I take offense at being labelled a drunk by a druggie. “Fucktard” is fine though.

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